Buying this scope signaled one of those occasions when I decided to go a little bit beyond the price range of good scopes, but good scopes that come at a budget price. Any scope with light transmission of 90 percent and above is worth taking notice of and this Vortex Viper offers an impressive 95% light transmission. I would naturally expect a $400-$600 scopes to boast features such as anti-reflective finishing because of its matte black coating, but when this comes together with great image sharpness and clarity, and long turrets for easy adjustments, you start to realize just why this scope was built for sighting a rifle to be used in long range hunting excursions. The ability to easily make range estimations is very important to me, which is easily achievable with the mil-dot reticle featured. This is exactly why this scope is great for long distance hunting and shooting as it offers a great range of accurate sighting. More experienced long range hunters will particularly appreciate the implications of being able to accurately calculate any bullet holdover and required windage, both of which come back down to the mil-dot reticle. Durability is another feature you’d expect of a $400+ rifle scope, which I’d say is suitably accounted for through this scope’s one-piece body design and that also makes it very easy to store and handle. I wouldn’t expect too much trouble with the recoil concerned with long range hunting, but that’s a complete non-factor with this Vortex. Definitely, a match made in heaven for my 111 7mm Savage Trophy Hunter Rem Mag rifle, with easy parallax correction achieved with a convenient side-knob. In the hands of a competitive shooter who knows exactly what he’s doing, 1000 yards is an achievable shooting distance with this true long-range rifle scope.