Top tips for a successful fishing trip

Fishing can be a great way to spend time bonding with a best friend or family member. It can also be a fantastic solo activity. However you like to fish, there are things you ought to do in order for it to be a successful trip. Continue reading for our advice.

Be prepared

Knowing exactly where you are going is vital. You should always inform someone just in case the worst happens and you are unable to seek help independently. It is also essential to, despite undoubtedly checking the local weather forecast countless times, take a range of things for all weather eventualities just to be sure. Sun cream, insect repellant, waterproofs and a first aid kit are essential. Sunglasses are necessary too. They will protect your eyes, and don’t be fooled into thinking they are only necessary in the blazing hot sun. The low winter sun can do as much damage to your eyes.

Be equipped

Ensuring you are fully equipped is imperative and be sure to check everything prior to setting off. If equipment is getting old and rusty or parts have broken, see about getting them fixed or replace at your earliest convenience. Be sure to remember your clothing, line, hooks, bobbers and sinkers. Getting your hands on some live bait is important too, although we always recommend keeping plastic bait in your kit just in case. Don’t forget to use a fixed blade knife if you are going to prepare the fish to be cooked and eaten. Be sure to invest in a decent quality one to ensure it is long-lasting and does the best possible job.

Be safe

Always ensure that you follow the rules of the fishing lake you are visiting. The regulations are there for a reason. Sometimes it may seem as though they are out to spoil your enjoyment, but the majority of time, it is simply that they know the potential pitfalls much better than you do. Although it may seem like fun to have a few beers with pals while fishing, this can be dangerous. Being under the influence so close to water can lead to devastating consequences. By all means, have fun and a laugh, but do not take it to the extreme.

Be responsible

Fishing is a sport. It can be a lot of fun, but it is vital to be considerate to all. There may be other people fishing around you. In which case, aim to stick to your area and avoid stepping into their territory. It shows a lack of respect and can earn you a bad reputation, leaving you not wishing to return. Takes the fun out of things, doesn’t it? Think about the fish too. Keep only what you know you are going to be able to eat or freeze to eat later. As much as possible, practice catching and then releasing the fish. Of course, no one will blame you if you take the opportunity to say cheese with your prize catch before letting it go again.