This is the scope I wound up buying recently for my Krag. I knew I wanted a scope that had a low magnification… after all I’m shooting deer, not fighting a war, and it had to have a 30mm or so front objective lens to fit the mount I was using. I was willing to pay more, but since I had not yet had a chance to shoot my rifle and was considering putting this on a .22 if things didn’t work out well, I decided to keep it under a hundred bucks. Now I confess, this isn’t my first dance with the Simmons 8 Point scopes, I’d had one once before on a .22 target rifle and found it was extremely well suited for the job. Ultimately the Simmons 8 Point has proven to be what I wanted it to be. A functional, accurate scope. The main downsides I can find with it are the somewhat weak construction in the focusing ring. The first one I owned broke and turned out to be made of cheap plastic. A trip back to Simmons resulted in it being repaired and it continued to function just fine afterward. I have not had that problem on my second scope and hope it was just a freakish isolated incident. I will happily recommend this scope to anyone who needs an affordable, yet accurate riflescope. It does the job, and I’ve used one to break many a shotgun shell at a hundred yards from my .22 and hopefully will take a deer with it this fall.