Sig Sauer Romeo 5 Review

In a Nutshell

If you want a red dot sight and only have less than $200 to spend – buy this one. No questions asked.

Our Rating: 9.4 / 10

  • Accuracy: 1o
  • Features: 9
  • Optics: 9
  • Construction Quality: 9
  • Value: 10

What’s the Scope?

Sig Sauer decides that in an inundated field of people making subpar budget red dot optics, it’s time to teach people what can be available at that price range.

Quick Specs

Size (LxWxH in mm)62.7×38.1×38.6
Waterproof Depth1 meter
Night VisionYes (2 night vision compatible settings)
Battery Life40,000+ hours
Lens Cover TypeBikini-style
Approximate Cost$219.99 on the official site, less than $130 on Amazon or optics outlets


  • Incredible value for the price range – a secure purchase leaving you with money to spend on things like ammo
  • Motion-detecting power turns off the sight after two minutes of inactivity
  • Includes a battery and mounting tool, which some other sights at this price range don’t
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  • High quality optics give you a crystal clear image
  • Extremely durable and resilient


  • Bikini-style lens covers may not suit everybody’s taste
  • The sight is, let’s face it, a little bit ugly
  • It’s also, unfortunately, a little bit chunky, which may not be what you’re after

Our Review

From time to time, there will be a review that is simply an absolute pleasure. This is one of those cases. The Sig Sauer Romeo 5 is, through and through, an absolute pleasure to use. If I sound emphatic about that, you’ll understand why if you take my word for it. Remember, of course, that reviews are relative – but for what this sight sets out to be, which is a sub-$250 red dot sight that is better than all of the others in its bracket, it’s pretty much perfect.

Of course, I wouldn’t be doing my job if the review started and ended there, so let’s dig a little bit deeper. Let’s say you buy this, they ship it to you, it arrives, you open it. From the moment that you get this and start taking it from the packaging, it’s clear that an immense amount of care was put into this sight and making certain that it arrives in the hands of the end user safely. It’s well-packaged for transit to make sure that everything arrives in one piece. This might seem small, but first impressions mean a lot, and this really sets the stage for the rest of the experience.

Now we move to the lens. The lens on this thing is great, that’s it. A crystal clear picture, no visual defects, a consistent unlimited eye relief makes it easy to use this sight dynamically. There’s only so much that can be said about this – it’s true to life, vivid, and all around just nice.

There’s a lot to be said, though, about the dot. This is a red dot scope. It offers a fairly visible 2 MOA red dot, and that’s that. There are eight different brightness settings so that you can adjust the dot to the environment, whether you’re shooting during the earliest glimmers of dawn or the middle of the sunniest day. It also has two night vision compatible settings, allowing you to use this sight easily even when there is no light. All of these can be easily accessed through a tactile knob on the sight.

Another feature which makes this sight something really worth writing home about is its motion detection tool. Some other optics don’t include this, and most in this price range don’t, as a matter of fact. This may not seem like something worth bringing up, but it’s certainly a nice feature when you forget to turn the sight off after finishing up a day at the range. This feature ensures that your batteries aren’t drained in the meantime. Then, when you decide to pick it back up, the sight detects the movement and automatically turns on, so you don’t have to bother turning it on. The second spent turning on your optic can mean life or death in a home defense situation, for instance, so at any rate, this is a super convenient feature.

As far as construction goes, this thing is super durable. It’s certified waterproof for up to a meter, so if it happens to take a dunk, you should be absolutely fine. It’s so light, at only around 6 ounces, that you hardly even notice any sort of weight difference when it’s on your gun. Getting it on your gun, by the way, is a breeze. The Romeo 5 comes with two mounts, one high and one low, to ensure that your setup is just how you’d like it. If you think about it, that means this sight has yet another added advantage: thanks to its different mounts and lack of magnification, co-witnessing with your weapon’s built-in sights is super easy, if you’d like to do that. It also includes a mounting tool to help you get set up quickly, as well as a battery so you can start using it right away.

Once it’s on, it takes next to no time at all to zero in, usually less than seven or eight rounds. Then, thanks to the aforementioned durability, it will hold zero almost no matter what. It stands up to recoil and shock astoundingly well and hardly ever loses zero. The simple reality is that you shouldn’t have any problems with this sight, but if you ever do for some reason, you have yet another added layer of protection: the Sig Sauer lifetime warranty. Sig Sauer is a highly reputable brand, so when they say “repairs or replacement, no questions asked”, it really means something. This is compared to other brands like Bushnell, where the existence of a warranty doesn’t actually mean it’ll play it out in your favor.

In the end, there’s not a whole lot bad to say about this sight at all. I suppose that there are really only two negatives, and even those are subjective. The first is the fact that the Romeo 5 only comes with bikini-style lens covers, which may be a turnoff to a lot of people who prefer permanently attached lens covers or other styles. The second is the fact that the body of the sight is a little bit chunky, and this may end up getting in your way or just generally being unsightly. This sight isn’t really a looker, at the end of the day.

Should You Buy It?

I love when manufacturers make this part easy for me, and in turn make it easy for you. I won’t mince words. If you want a red dot optic and don’t want to spend more than $200, then Yes, buy this one.

Closing Comments

I think my favorite thing about the Romeo 5 is the fact that it fills its niche perfectly. It wouldn’t seem that hard to come up with a sub-$200 red dot optic that actually does its job, but the sheer number of failed attempts by other companies would make you think it is. Of course, maybe that’s the wrong way of looking at it; in reality, I know there are a ton of things that go into clever and worthwhile optical design, and companies like Sig Sauer just happen to make it look easy.

At any rate, the Romeo 5 is excellent. Whether you’re shooting a pistol or an AR or an AK-47 – whether you’re buying for defense, for duty, for shooting on the range, or for sport or tactical situations – you can rest assured that the Romeo 5 is truly a one of a kind sight at its price range: one that does everything you’d expect phenomenally well.

In closing, I went an entire review on the Romeo 5 without making a single passé Shakespeare joke, which essentially means that I’ve earned a prize for journalistic integrity.

If the Romeo 5 doesn’t rock your boat, check out the Sig Sauer Tango 4 and the Sig Sauer Whiskey 3.