Aimpoint ACO vs PRO – Which is Best?

Stock image of an aimpoint aco mounted

Today we will be comparing two red dot sights from the same brand, the Aimpoint ACO and the Aimpoint PRO, two very similar and popular sights that can be hard to choose between. On one hand we have a very … Read more

MicroLevel Features

The problem of rifle canting or tilting won’t go away. Now you can conquer the complex problem with a simple to use device. The Long-Shot Microlevel® is a precision electronic device that  indicates to the shooter in his peripheral vision when … Read more

Instructions for Vertical Reticle Instrument

Important Safety Information Safe handling and use of firearms depends on you. Always follow the manufacturers safety instructions provided with your firearm. If you do not have this information contact the manufacturer of the firearm and request it. Always follow … Read more

Cant Tests

The following test was designed to illustrate the results of canting a scoped rifle. Targets were shot with airgun, smallbore, and highpower rifles at preprinted targets designed to help the shooter intentionally introduce a known cant. Definitions Cant: any deviation from … Read more