Leupold LCO Review

In a Nutshell Leupold sets themselves apart by creating a super high quality red dot against which all other red dots should be measured. A worthwhile purchase, for certain. Our Rating: 9.2 / 10 Accuracy: 10 Features: 9 Optics: 9.5 … Read more

EOTech 512 Review

In a Nutshell EOTech’s entry-level holographic sight offers everything you’d need expertly crafted in a must-buy package – just as long as you aren’t thinking you’ll need night vision capabilities. Our Rating: 8.4 / 10 Accuracy: 9 Features: 8 Optics: … Read more

Bushnell TRS 25 Review

In a Nutshell Bushnell has come out with a micro red dot optic that manages to confuse the entire market by being great 90% of the time and defective 10% of the time. Ideal for backyard shooters, day-at-the-range shooters, and … Read more

Burris MTAC 4.5 Review

In a Nutshell An excellent all-rounder that’s since been discontinued, the Burris MTAC 4.5-14×42 is a great scope with a very unique reticle and features that compare well to optics at an even-higher price range. Worth a buy if you … Read more

Burris AR-332 Review

In a market rife with copycats and cheap imitations, Burris makes a mark with a high-quality tactical scope offering a lot for the price. Thanks to prism optics and clever design, Burris has introduced a cost-effective fast acquisition scope with … Read more

Vortex SPARC AR vs SPARC II – Which is Best?

The budget red dot market is highly competitive. Even for the well-known Vortex Optics, there are multiple models in competition with one another. Thanks to the fact that a good sight lasts a lifetime, companies even end up competing with … Read more

Vortex Viper Red Dot Sight Review

In a Nutshell Vortex decides that low profile red dot optics are such a bustling market that they should offer two products at the same time. Spoiler alert: the Vortex Viper is the worse of the two, and we recommend … Read more

Vortex Venom vs Viper – Which is Best?

Vortex Venom Stock image

Looking for a comparative buying guide between the Vortex Venom and Vortex Viper? You’ve come to the right place.  Both are comparable in price. In fact, there are mini Red Dot optics on the market today that cost two to … Read more

Trijicon MRO vs Aimpoint Pro – Which is Best?

Combat operator using a rifle with the aimpoint pro attached

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