ATN X-Sight II Review

What’s the Scope? The X-Sight II comes in two different magnifications: 3-14x and 5-20x. Both of them are great scopes with a load of functionality. Quick Specs 3-14x 5-20x Linear FOV (low zoom) 46 ft/100 yd 24 ft/100 yd Linear … Read more

Vortex Viper PST Gen 2 Review

What’s the Scope? Vortex is a renowned purveyor of quality optics across the whole gamut of price ranges. This offering is no exception. With sizes and magnification ranges that suit a variety of rifles and shooting styles, the Vortex Viper … Read more

Vortex Viper HST 6-24×50 Review

In a Nutshell Vortex wants to give their customers a solid middle-of-the-road scope. People loyal to Vortex will love it, people wanting a good precision scope will like it, and people who need to shoot in low-light situations will probably … Read more

Vortex StrikeFire II Review

In a Nutshell Budget red dots are a crowded market – Vortex makes it easier to purchase without fear by having all of their options be pretty great, the StrikeFire II included which is an upgraded version of the StrikeFire … Read more

Vortex Strikefire Review

In a Nutshell Vortex’s no-frills entry to the Strikefire series stands the test of time as a great entry-level red dot optic. Worth the purchase if you come across one Our Rating: 7.8 / 10 Accuracy: 9 Features: 6 Optics: … Read more

Vortex Spitfire 3x Review

Sporting rifle owners rejoice – yet another well-known company has come out with a great close-to-medium range scope, and this one might just be the best one in the price range. When a scope instantly starts drawing favorable comparisons to … Read more

Vortex SPARC II Review

In a Nutshell Vortex’s discontinued SPARC II continues to this day to stand up well against the competitors, even in a higher price range. It’s a very worthy sight that everyone interested in a red dot should at least look … Read more

Vortex SPARC AR Review

In a Nutshell Vortex’s high-quality offerings continue to stun, this time in the arena of red dot sight optics. Regardless of what you’re looking for in a red dot optic, Vortex makes sure that your needs are met with an … Read more

Vortex Golden Eagle Review

In a Nutshell If you have the money and need a scope that can basically land you a perfect shot at any distance greater than 100 yards, this is the one for you. Intended for competition shooters, Vortex knocks the … Read more

Vortex Crossfire REVIEW

In a Nutshell In a rare misstep, Vortex completely misses the mark on the Crossfire. An otherwise great sight is ruined by the fact that a lot of them have manufacturing defects. Money is best spent elsewhere – other Vortex … Read more