This is one of those scopes I wish I could afford. Then I wish I could afford a rifle worthy of such a scope. However, since a man can dream, we can take a closer look at one of the best rifle scopes for any money I’ve ever seen. First off it’s a Leupold, which means it is one of the best rifle scopes made anywhere period, end of story. There might be better, but they would be spoken of in the same breath as a custom one of a kind rifle. So for the mere mortal who doesn’t own a private island, you just won’t get any better than this. And it’s got an illuminated reticle to boot, making it ideal for low light or poor weather conditions. This is a scope you take hunting or take to war. If you are hunting in the true wilderness or have to use your rifle to keep yourself alive, this is the optic for you. Of course, there are always downsides, most of which, in this case, revolve around cost. This is not a cheap one or even something most people can casually decide to buy without a second thought. In fact, it costs as much as some decent rifles. But, there is no denying the value and reliability you get with the Leupold name. It is one of the best sniper scopes in the market.