CZ-550 American Safari Magnum in .375 H&H Magnum

The .375 H&H Magnum is a must-have for anyone thinking about hunting large or dangerous game. This cartridge is significantly more powerful than the .30-06, but still has a manageable amount of recoil. A hunter armed with a .375 H&H is capable of taking down even the biggest, toughest animals in the world like cape buffalo, elephants, and brown bears.

However, a .375 H&H hunting rifle is useful on many others, including those with thick skin. While the .30-06 Springfield will work in a pinch for hunting a moose, an elk, a caribou or a red stag, the .375 H&H offers a little more room for error. But, by no means is it “too much gun” for those animals.

In fact, a .375 H&H rifle shooting non-expanding bullets is a very popular choice for hunting the Tiny 10 species of pygmy antelope because it’ll ethically take these small and delicate animals, but cause surprisingly little damage to their hides. The same is true for many species of plains game, like impalas or zebras, when using a controlled expansion bullet.

If you only could take one hunting rifle to Africa to pursue the widest possible range of game, the .375 H&H would be my recommendation.

What do you think about our choices for the four hunting guns you should own in order to hunt the widest possible range of game?

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