Burris MTAC 4.5 Review

In a Nutshell

An excellent all-rounder that’s since been discontinued, the Burris MTAC 4.5-14×42 is a great scope with a very unique reticle and features that compare well to optics at an even-higher price range. Worth a buy if you come across one in working order and have the cash.

Our Rating: 7.6 / 10

  • Accuracy: 8.25
  • Features: 6.5
  • Optics: 8
  • Construction Quality: 7.5
  • Value: 7.5

What’s the Scope?

In an attempt to appeal to shooters with multiple different needs, from tactical shooters to 3 Gun competitors to big-game hunters, Burris released the MTAC 4.5-14×42.

Linear FOV (low zoom)22 ft/100 yd
Linear FOV (high zoom)7.5 ft/100 yd
​Waterproof Depth3.1 in
​Night VisionNo
Eye Relief (high zoom)3.8 in
Objective Diameter42mm
Elevation Adjustment (MOA)64.00
Wind Adjustment (MOA)64.00
Approximate Cost$548.99 new, less secondhand (check the price)


  • Great in low-light situations, and even better in many cases than similarly priced competitors
  • Interesting and unique reticle is love-or-hate, but personally, I love it
  • Easy setup and zeroing means you don’t have to spend long getting this scope on the same page as you
  • Massive range goes as far as you’re willing to shoot
  • Very bright and crisp image is accented by a forgiving eye relief and full projection over lens diameter


  • Adjustments are a little weak and aren’t as tactile as similarly priced scopes in the same category
  • No illuminated reticle – some don’t even want them, so this one may not even be a bad thing

Our Review

Some scopes leave a lot to be said about them. Others don’t, and that’s okay – it’s not even necessarily a bad thing. The Burris MTAC 4.5-14×42 is one of these scopes. Designed for sporting rifles like the AR-15, the Burris MTAC is the perfect example of “does the job”.

One of the first things that you’ll notice upon use is that the lenses and the optics are very nice. The image transmitted is very bright and very clear, and the fairly wide eye relief will be found both consistent and reliable. This is great because it gives you a little freedom of movement and keeps you safe from recoil.

The optics are the best part of this scope, and that’s probably for the best. Even in muggy and hot weather, the optics still make it super easy to see through the heat and mirage, letting you continue to nail shot after shot even from a distance and in uncompromising situations. What’s more, many have found that this scope is better than other similarly priced scopes in low-light situations.

This is great, because there is no illuminated reticle on this model. Newer MTAC models have one, but this one doesn’t, and that’s not necessarily a nail in its coffin. Fortunately, the glass-etched reticle and the excellent performance in low-light settings somewhat makes up for the lack of reticular accommodation in low- or no-light situations. Additionally, the reticle itself is somewhat polarizing. It’s a bit of a combination between mil-dot and hash mark reticles, using mil measurements. In this aspect, it’ll feel pretty familiar to a lot of people used to more traditional medium- to long-range rifle scopes.

In fact, medium- to long-range shots are where this thing shines. It’s not really meant for CQB situations, and you’ll find that really the closest distance you can actually get a focus on is around 50 yards. Closer than that, you’re going to have a hard time using the scope, if you can at all. On the other hand, the scope is super accurate even as far out as 1,000 yards. This is partially thanks to its super accurate parallax adjustments.

Speaking of adjustments, the elevation and windage adjustments on this scope are familiar, but nothing special. The turrets are finger adjustable and feature a nice zero reset. Some might say that they feel a little weak and are a bit mushy, but they’re nonetheless accurate with easy-to-read markings.

It almost sounds like I’m talking badly about the MTAC 4.5-14 – I’m not. This scope is great for what it is. At the price range, it was hard to beat, and now that it’s been discontinued, you can probably find it for cheaper – making it an even better deal. Even at the time of release, this scope had all the features of some of the more expensive scopes at a significantly lesser price, and it’s certainly worth a look if you see somebody reselling one.

If you do manage to get your hands on one, then setting it up should be pretty easy. It’s possible to zero this thing in with just one grouping. Additionally, it’s cleverly designed to be easily mounted. It’s entire build is fairly clever, actually. Sleek and stylish, the scope is designed to take on a bit of a beating. It’s not as rugged as, say, a $1500 hunting scope, but that’s also not really what you’re after if you’re buying the MTAC. All in all, one could do a lot worse than picking up this scope for their AR-15.

​Should You Buy It?

Some people love guns and shooting; others love what their guns let them do, like hunting. In this scope, one finds an excellent all-rounder for 3 Gun competitions, big-game hunting, and tactical situations. If you find yourself in need of a sporting rifle scope that will carry you through medium and long-range shooting scenarios with ease, and you happen to come across one of these rifles, then Yes, you should buy it.  If this isn’t the case, though, there’s probably something a bit more specialized (and easier to come across, that you can check out in person at a firearms store) that will suit you better.

Closing Comments

It’s a shame that this scope was discontinued, because at the time, it was genuinely hard to find something anywhere near as promising for the money. It somewhat makes sense, though; it tried to do a lot at once, and while in a lot of ways it had hardware to compete with higher-priced scopes, it didn’t have much of a market to appeal to since every market that it did appeal to already had something better. At any rate, though, this remains a fine optic for the price range. There is no good reason not to buy it if you get the chance.

Alternatively, feel free to also check out the Burris FastFire 3 or the Burris AR-332 to help you make up your mind about the sight that you are after.