Burris Eliminator III Review: 4-16x50mm & 3-12x44mm Compared

Burris shoots and scores with an excellent line of ballistic laser scopes that makes shooting easier than you ever thought it could be.

Our Rating: 9.6

Burris Eliminator III LINE

Available in a 4-16x50mm and a 3-12x44mm model, the Burris Eliminator III has everything that you need in order to pick up and start shooting in no time, easier than ever.

  • Accuracy: 10.0
  • Features: 10.0
  • Optics: 9.5
  • Construction Quality: 9.5
  • Value: 6

Quick Specs

Linear FOV (low zoom)27 ft/100 yd3-12x44mm
Linear FOV (high zoom)7.0 ft/100 yd9.0 ft/100 yd
Eye Relief (low zoom)3.5 in3.5 in
Eye Relief (high zoom)4.0 in4.0 in
Objective Diameter65mm61mm
Elevation Adjustment (MOA)40.0050.00
Wind Adjustment (MOA)40.0050.00
Approximate Cost$1,700 or less$1,300 or less

Pros & Cons


  • Ballistic laserscope makes ranging and shooting painless
  • Clear optics are on par for the price range
  • Excellent Burris warranty has your back in case anything goes wrong
  • Ultra-durable build quality, a great weapon for both hunting and competition


  • A little bulky
  • Could have used a remote to handle the ballistic laser

Our Review

I think my favorite description of this line of scopes is that it makes you feel like you’re “cheating” at shooting. For all intents and purposes, it’s really accurate. I can say from the very get-go that the Burris Eliminator III is a super unique line with a lot of neat features that set it apart from other scopes. This is where you really start to see what your money can buy you. We’re going to dig into this scope and see what makes it different, as well as what makes it worth your money.

So, let’s start by talking about the optics, per usual. The glass in this line is great. The optics are extremely bright with clarity from rim to rim. The only detectable problem is that there is a little blurring around the edges of the scope, but even this is extremely negligible. The eye relief on the scopes are fantastic for the most part. Some have had problems aiming into a particularly bright area, like the bright sun on the horizon, but others haven’t. In other words, on that, your mileage might vary. The reticle is really nice and helps you with tracking game as well as quickly getting your eyes on the prize.

The real shining point of this scope line is the technology within. As noted, these are ballistic laser scopes. In other words, they use ballistic lasers in order to sight and range targets from afar. This gives you very dynamic feedback, accounting for the caliber of your ammo (and it has support for a LOT of calibers!), and the result is that at the push of a button, you can range your target and have things automatically adjust without ever moving your eye away from the scope. This is why it feels like cheating – it takes a significant amount of the work out of it! And the great thing is that the ranging system is fantastic. It can find ranges on next to anything, at any power level that the scopes support. This rings true up and downhill as well, not just straight on. No matter your situation, you’ll be 

Beyond all of the convenience and whatnot, the simple fact is that these scopes are simply incredibly accurate thanks to that – and accurate with very little work, at that. Dialing is a breeze – basically a non-issue. Shots at any range become a piece of cake, and even shots near the edge of the range become dead easy. This lets you shoot with confidence and know that if you miss a shot, it’s on you.

Most people seem to think that programming the scope is really easy. The software isn’t that hard to use as long as you read through the manual carefully, but one read-through and you’ll have a solid idea of how it works and what you can expect. Some have trouble with it, though, so if you’re not ready to get your hands dirty with tech and just want a traditional interface, that’s really the only reason I could say you shouldn’t try this scope out.

Some have had issues with early defects on this scope line. If that happens, you can try changing the battery first, as there are anecdotes of batteries needing to be changed prematurely, especially the initial factory-installed ones. But let’s say it’s a bigger problem: thanks to Burris’s forgiving fully-transferable lifetime warranty, if you encounter any problems with the scope, you can just send it in and they’ll fix it or replace it, free of charge. If you do happen to be one of the unlucky ones, once things are patched up, you have a scope that will last you a lifetime and make shooting a breeze.

The scopes come with everything you need to set them up, and the mount is really simple. One of the only problems is that neither the 4-16x50mm nor the 3-12x44mm come with a remote for the ballistic laser. Given how bulky it is, this would be a nice feature to have, but it’s one of the only problems. Oh, that too – the scopes are really big. They’ll probably hug your barrel.

In the end, though, I think the Eliminator IIIs are excellent scopes. They have a high price tag, but for that price tag, you get your money’s worth entirely. The glass is not as great as some $3,000 dollar scopes, sure, but on the other hand, you get an experience thanks to the ballistic laser that not a lot of scopes offer: a seamlessly integrated and effortless ranging that lets you shoot without ever taking your eye off the rifle.

Should You Buy it?

To be honest, I think the Eliminator IIIs are some of the coolest scopes I’ve reviewed yet. If you have the money, then Yes, you should absolutely buy it.

Closing Comments

I’m a huge fan of Burris’s handy work, and it’s neat to get hands-on with some of their higher-end offerings. I can say with certainty that in this price range, this is one of the best scope lines that you can get your hands on, so definitely be sure to jump on it if you catch them on sale or see one in the wild.

You can also check out the Burris AR-332, Burris FastFire 3, and the Burris MTAC 4.5.

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