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Best Rifle Scope For 1,000 Yards

The best 1000-yard scope will not only make the shooting experience an enjoyable one but will also improve your shooting accuracy. While shopping around for a scope, it is essential to look out for is accuracy, optics' quality, weight, and its durability.

If you are shopping for a new tactical sniper scope that can accurately shoot up to 1,000 yards or more, this guide should answer all your questions regarding choosing the best 1000 yards scope. We will take a look at the essential features to look out for, then point out some of the great scopes that you can get in the market.

What Features Are Essential In A Long-Range Scope:

Some of the features to look out for include magnification, which is essential for long-range shooting - you will need a magnification of at least 18X. You should also consider the objective lens as you will need a larger lens for clearer pictures. A multicoated anti-reflective lens is also a plus, for you to get clearer pictures.

Apart from the magnification and lens, find a rifle scope with precise adjustment turrets for wind and elevation adjustments and to clear parallax. As well, check the reticle as it should have uncluttered crosshair and a bullet trajectory. Lastly; consider durability. Scopes made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy or other strong materials.

Top 5 Best 1000 Yard Rifle Scopes

Now that you are well versed with what to look out for in a good sniper scope, below are 5 of the best 1000-yard optics available in the market.

Vortex Optics Viper PST Gen II  5-25×50

This gem of a product made by Vortex tops our list. It has a couple of tactical features that make it highly versatile, and at the same time, very accurate and precise. Even with the high price tag, it will be close to impossible to find a better scope in the market, unless for more than double the price. With features like zero stop, turret, and high picture quality, this scope is highly recommended.


  • Laser-etched turrets
  • First Focal Plane Reticle
  • O-ring seal and argon purge


  • Short Eye Relief

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Vortex Optics Viper PST Gen II 5-25x50 First Focal Plane Riflescope - EBR-7C Reticle (MOA)
  • The Viper PST Gen II takes incredible performance and rock solid tactical features to new heights. The 5-25x50 first focal plane riflescope is incredibly versatile and ideal for close to long range shooting scenarios.
  • Shooters who dial their turrets for bullet drop and wind compensation will appreciate the laser etched turrets, adjustable parallax and the RZR zero stop. A fiber optic rotation indicator ensures you can keep track of your turret position with ease.
  • The reticle offers shooters highly functional, intuitive, and detailed hold points, yet remains uncluttered for optimal viewing and features 10 intensity levels with off positions between each setting.
  • Extra-low dispersion glass increases resolution and color fidelity. XR fully multi-coated lenses increase light transmission. Armortek coatings protect the lenses from scratches, oil, and dirt.
  • O-ring sealed and argon purged, the Viper delivers waterproof and fogproof performance while the single-piece, aircraft-grade aluminum construction gives shooters a durable platform.

Burris 201052 XTR 40mm, 5-25x50mm, Illuminated Matte

This scope is designed for long-range precision shooting and is perfect for both tactical and competitive shooting. With features like 25X zoom, huge 58 m objective lens and a wide field of view, this scope sits at the top of the other scopes available in the market.

With a lot of versatility in their zoom selector system, this scope gives you crystal clear pictures because of both its large objective lens and the multicoated lens. Simply put, this scope is one of the best available in the market.


  • Multiple reticle choices
  • Instant Zero-Reset
  • Versatile zoom erector system


  • Turrets are a little stiff
  • At full power, your eye might get strained.

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Burris Optics Veracity Rifle Scope 200650, 200651, 200652 – 5-25x50mm Riflescope - Top-of-the-Line Hunting Scope, Longer Distance Shots
  • ACCURATE RIFLE SCOPE – Push the limits of long-range hunting, and pull double duty in long-range target and precision.
  • TOP-OF-THE-LINE HUNTING SCOPE – Ideal for varmint hunting and other very long range targeting where pinpoint accuracy becomes critical.
  • PRECISE LONGER DISTANCE SHOTS – Rely on this scope’s trajectory compensation that has been calculated out to 700 yards.
  • FAST TARGET ACQUISITION – Our versatile 5-times zoom system provides a larger field of view at close ranges and better target acquisition at long ranges.
  • MULTI-TURN TARGET KNOBS - Offer up to 15 MOA of adjustment per rotation

Nikon Black FX1000, 6-24x50mm

Any list of top scopes that you will come across always has a mention of Nikon. Nikon Black FX1000, 6-24x50mm bears what the brand is all about. Nikon has brought its optical prowess forward with this model. The scope is designed to make the best of sight picture and also provide measurements required for ranging, holdover and wind range corrections. This scope is here to stay.

Nikon is known to be a very reliable and trustworthy brand. This product is one of those that makes it easy to understand how they have gained and retained a good reputation. With minimal or no flaws, this scope stands out as one of the best for 1000 yards shooting.


  • High-Speed Turrets
  • Rugged craftsmanship
  • Black FX-MOA reticle


  • Crosshairs may seem thick at long ranges

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Nikon Black FX1000 4-16X50 Matte FX-MOA
  • Glass etched ranging reticle: located in the first focal plane, the reticle can be used to estimate range, target size, elevation holdover and wind drift at designated magnification
  • 30 mm main body tube
  • Return to zero Stop
  • Side focus Parallax adjustment
  • High speed turrets

Nightforce Optics 5.5-22×56 NXS Riflescope

This one from Nightforce is a beast, going by the market standards. It is most popular with civilians and lawmakers, and it would be difficult to find someone with a negative review of it. Because it comes with 5.5X to 22X magnification range and 56 mm objective lens, most people regard this scope as the ultimate long-range rifle scope. As a matter of fact, it can get you to distances of over 1000 yards, even up to 2000 yards as well.

This is a simple but one of the most sophisticated sniper scopes ever made. It is designed for the military but is also suitable for sport hunting or competitive shooting.


  • 100 MOA internal adjustment
  • Wide Magnification Factor
  • Huge Field of View
  • 4-inch eye relief


  • Expensive


Nightforce Optics 5.5-22x56 NXS Riflescope, Matte Black Finish with Illuminated MOAR Reticle, Zero Stop Turrets, .250 MOA, 30mm Tube
  • 56mm objective lens
  • Illuminated MOAR reticle
  • 2nd focal plane
  • Tactical MOA turrets
  • Waterproof and fogproof

Vortex Optics Viper PST Gen I 6-24x50 FFP Riflescope

This scope comes last in our list, but this should in no way translate to undermining its capabilities. It comes with a magnification of 25X and a 56 mm objective lens. The finish on this scope would make you confuse it for the one you saw in a movie.

This scope made by Vortex is at the top when it comes to accuracy, and its price is charming. It looks great, is very sturdy, and a great addition to your hunting weapons. You can be sure this is a great investment and you can read our full Vortex PST review here


  • Shock proof 30mm tube
  • Lockable windage and elevation target turrets
  • Maximum adjustment of 140 MOA
  • 5 mm scope rings and lens shade included


  • Small eye relief

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Vortex Optics Viper PST Gen I 6-24x50 FFP Riflescope - EBR-2C Reticle (MOA)
  • The Viper PST 6-24x50 First Focal Plane boasts features associated with top-tier riflescopes. The one-piece, shock proof 30mm tube, precision-machined from a single solid block of aircraft-grade aluminum, offers ample windage and elevation adjustment.
  • Matching reticle and turret measurements allow accurate, fast dialing of shots. The EBR-2C (Enhanced Battle Reticle) is a hashmarked ranging reticle using MOA-based subtension lines for ranging, holdover, and windage corrections.
  • Customizable Rotational Stop (CRS) aids in return to zero after dialing temporary elevation correction. Precision-force spring system uses premium components in the erector-spring system to ensure maximum repeatability and ease of adjustment.
  • Extra-low dispersion (XD) glass increases resolution and color fidelity, resulting in crisp, sharp images. Proprietary coatings increase light transmission with multiple anti-reflective coatings on all air-to-glass surfaces.
  • Fiber optic turret rotation indicator provides a highly visible and tactile point of reference for turret rotations. O-ring seals and argon gas purging provides both shockproof and waterproof performance.

The Bottom Line

Long-range shooting is a complete thrill.  The joy that comes with hearing the dong as you hit a target from a long distance after carefully executing a shot is absolutely one of the best feelings in the world. For this reason, hitting a target that is 1000 yards or more is one of the milestones that shooters would please to achieve. Here is the catch; once you are into long-range shooting, you will become addicted so quickly. Therefore, among the most crucial decisions that you need to make is the selection of a rifle scope.

Choosing the ideal scope can prove to be tricky; however, with the information contained in this article, you should be in a good position to make the right choice once you read through this guide. The five scopes outlined here are a distance ahead of the others in the market and are absolute bestsellers. Pick one of them, and you are guaranteed of a worthy investment.