Aimpoint Pro vs EOtech 512 – Everything You Need to Know

Comparing Aimpoint PRO and EOTech 512 Optics

You’ve arrived to the point in your hunting journey where you’re ready to choose an optic for your weapon in order to improve your game where it comes to acquiring your target and improving shot accuracy. If you’ve already got this far, then you’re probably aware of the biggest names in the game, and of each band’s most affordable, entry level sight. Welcome to the ever popular debate of the sturdy Aimpoint PRO vs the super-precise EOTech 512.

Both sights have a lot to bring to the table and excel in areas where the other falls short, however it’s difficult to choose an overall winner without considering your precise needs. To begin the comparison, let’s start with a simple table, then we will delve deeper into the defining categories of these red dot sights and which one comes out on top.


Weight (Sight only / configured) Size L x W x H mm (Sight only / configured) Water Proof depth Night Vision Battery Life Lens cover Type Approx Cost
Aimpoint PRO 220g/330g 115 x 55 x 55 / 130 x 55 x 67 150 ft Yes 3 years Flip covers, rear flip cover transparent for emergency use $450
EOTech 512 325g 143 x 51 x 64  10 ft No 600 – 1000 hours Flip covers $420



Aimpoint vs EOTech as Brands

Aimpoint and EOTech are undoubtedly the top names in gun sight production and are both highly respectable brands. Let’s take a look at why.

Aimpoint made their name by getting in there first back in 1974 and hold the title to having produced the first electronic red dot optic. Over the 40 years following, they have worked closely with all types of users to ensure the most up to date experience and have become a solid favorite among many shooters. Aimpoint are unparalleled in ruggedness, durability and simplicity.

EOTech on the other hand is part of the larger organisation, L-3, which produces a range of US military equipment, maintaining a market among both civilians and the forces. Though it started independently in 1972, EOTech now produces holographic sights, lasers, illuminators and thermal imaging equipment as a branch of L-3.

The key difference between the two brands lies in the type of display they produce; red dot vs holographic weapon sight. EOTech uses a holographic weapon sight system, which they claim to be a superior to a red dot due to newer technology and use of the finest red dot available (1 MOA) combined with a 68 MOA circle for ultimate speed and accuracy in target acquisition. However some still swear by the simplicity of the 2 MOA red dot used by Aimpoint, despite a minimal reduction of accuracy. If the extra degree of accuracy is important to you then EOTech is your precision shooting winner, but Aimpoint wins on other categories, as you will see.

Both brands have had a revolutionary impact on the red dot industry, both brands have seen use in the U.S military, though EOTech definitely gets more of this action, and both brands offer an affordable sight that is popular among civilians. But it really comes down to a difference in preference and order of priorities as a shooter. So lets take a closer look at the two affordable star contenders from each brand and how they compare.


Aimpoint PRO vs EOtech 512

When it comes to choosing between the Aimpoint PRO and EOTech 512, it can be extremely hard to differentiate which model is best suited to your needs as each one has its own winning features, and neither one is outright better than the other.

For example if you take a look at battery life, the Aimpoint PRO is at the top of its game with a battery life measured in years rather than hours due to its LED reticle that does not drain battery. In addition to this, the sight never has to be switched off as the as battery use is so minimal, therefore it is always ready to be used. This is ideal for shooters who need to jump straight into the action.

However if you don’t mind switching your sight on between every use and have time to set up before a shot, the EOTech’s 600 – 1000 hour battery life (with alkaline or lithium batteries, respectively) shouldn’t be a problem. The EOTech 512 guzzles battery so much faster due to its more complex display using a laser. Sure, you have to change the batteries more often, but the 1.5 AA batteries of the EOTeach 512 are much cheaper and easier to find than the Aimpoint PRO 3V batteries, so EOTech wins on that point at least.

Field of view also differs between the models, although both optics feature unlimited eye relief, are parallax free and can be used with two eyes open. However the round and bulky design of the Aimpoint PRO can be quite limiting to the field of view, where as the EOTech 512’s square design allows for a wider field of view and it blends seamlessly with our eye’s natural field of view so that use with both eyes open is smoother. Additionally the glass used in EOTech lenses is clearer, giving them the edge in this category.

With just one control for dot brightness, which switches the sight off when turned all the way down, the Aimpoint PRO wins on ease of use, though the EOTeach 512 has a nifty feature where if turned on using the “up” (brightness) button, it will stay on for 4 hours before shutting itself off, but if turned on with the down button, it will stay on for 8 hours. The layout of the EOTech 512 display is known for fast and reliable target acquisition which is its own win for ease of use, so the two models tie on this point.

When it comes to environmental settings and durability, Aimpoint PRO takes the lead again. Firstly, the Aimpoint PRO boasts night vision compatibility where the EOTech 512 does not. Secondly, while both weapons are made to withstand military operations, the Aimpoint PRO has a better reputation for sturdiness, has been tested against a range of chemicals, is shock proof, and can function in a wider range of temperatures than the EOTech. Both optics are waterproof to some degree, however the EOTech is only resistant down to 10 feet, whereas the Aimpoint has no problem delving down to 150 feet, taking another obvious win, if a highly waterproof sight is what you require.

Finally, if we take a look at versatility we find that the EOTech 512 is only well suited to two weapons, an AR 15 or a shotgun, where as the Aimpoint PRO can be calibrated to any short range device, so if you’re looking for a sight that is compatible with multiple weapons, the Aimpoint should better serve your needs.


Summary and recommendations

Overall, the Aimpoint PRO has taken the lead in more categories, which makes adds up as the average price for the sight iOS higher than that of the EOTech512. If you are willing to splash a little extra on your sight to have a more durable optic who’s battery will never let you down or if you require a waterproof optic or night vision compatibility, then it makes sense to grab yourself an Aimpoint PRO. This sight will perform well in all weather conditions making it a great choice for hunters, however it’s performance in extremes is best suited to military operation use, which it sees worldwide.

If your primary values are a wider field of view, greater precision from your reticle along with a preferred reticle design over a hard-to-find red dot, particularly if affordability is a key factor, then the EOTech 512 will suit your needs perfectly. The EOTech 512 sees a lot of military action and has a good reputation in this regard. It is most notable for speedy target acquisition which is also key for hunters.

At the end of the day, both sights have a lot going for them and both sights are very capable. A big part of your choice will boil down to personal preference, so if at all possible, its best to get you your hands on both of them to test them out before making a firm choice. You may find that one handy little feature is a tipping point for you, but for us, it’s hard to fall on either side of this debate without knowing the priorities driving the purchase.

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