Aimpoint Pro Review & In-Depth Red Dot Sight Review

Trying to set themselves apart from the competition, Aimpoint resolves to (and succeeds in) creating a worthwhile red dot optic at an inoffensive price.

Aimpoint is really trying to pack all of the value that they can into this red dot sight for the money, sacrificing easy attention-grabbing gimmicks for true reliability, construction, and build quality. A simple red dot optic, the Aimpoint Pro is everything you expect and not a whole lot more. (In a good way!)

Quick Specs

Weight7.8 oz
Size (LxWxH in mm)115x55x55
Waterproof Depth45m (100 ft)
Night Vision?Yes
Battery Life30,000 hours
Lens Cover TypeBuilt-in
Approximate Cost$450 or less, depending where you buy it from

Full Review

As prices go up with sights, often, so do the gimmicks. Because of this, it can be hard to tell a genuinely good sight from a sight where the company focused too much on the gimmicks and not what the sight is actually supposed to be used for – shooting. The Aimpoint Pro stands out because it’s decidedly not one of those sights. It’s a time-tested no-frills red dot sight for those who want, well, a high quality red dot sight..

As usual, we’re going to explain our rationale starting at the lens. The glass in this sight is great for the price. The optics are nice and the blue tint makes seeing a little bit easier on super sunny days. Some reviewers have said that the glass and tech in this sight is a little dated, but we don’t get much of that vibe at all. We believe in the simple philosophy of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, and we think that definitely applies here. Additionally, we don’t agree, but some have complained about the field of view on it. This is something that you can maybe go to a reseller to check out for yourself if you’re concerned, but we don’t think there’s any such problem, and we actually think it’s a fantastic sight for the price.

The red dot itself is nice and bright. If you’re just wanting a simple red dot sight and not the reticle that is offered in some competitor models in the same price range such as the EOTech, then this is a nice option for you. The great 2 MOA red dot keeps your shooting accurate even at distances of 200 yards or more, and the thing really shines in 50 yards or less where it allows you to acquire your targets with ease and precision. One of the downsides of the red dot sight is that it only has 9 brightness settings in total: 4 are dedicated to night vision, rendering only 5 effective in daytime or lit shooting. But with that said, across the board, the dot appears bright and isn’t torn or unclear at all, and even though there are only 5 brightness settings, they give you a huge spectrum of choices from brightnesses for dim shooting situations to brightnesses for ultra-sunny daytime shooting.

It’s worth noting while we’re on the topic that the sight has an absolutely impeccable battery life. It’s built to always be on, so that whenever you need it, it’s at the ready. The Aimpoint website advertises it as having a 3-year always on battery life with the brightness set at 7. We obviously haven’t mucked around with it for long enough to let you know if it’ll last all three years, but the point is that the batteries on this thing last forever, so you really will only need to have one spare on your carry, and that’s just for the absolute worst case scenario.

In terms of build, this is a super nice sight. The Aimpoint Pro is built to be rugged, and is extremely durable and shockproof as a result. It holds zero well no matter how much you knock it around, and many shooters will appreciate the fact that the lens covers are actually built into the sight as opposed to bikini-style or, worst of all, having to buy half-decent lens covers separately.  It’s waterproof, submersible up to a depth of as far as 45 meters, or 150 feet for those less inclined toward the metric system.

Adjustments on this thing are a breeze thanks to super precise and positive coin-slot style elevation and windage adjustments. Actually, just overall the adjustments and controls on the Aimpoint Pro are super easy to use. The fact that it’s always on also means you don’t have to fumble with a power switch ever.

Let’s talk installing it, now. Installing this thing is a pretty easy undertaking, especially since it includes a mount. The mount is a nice addition, but it does come with another potential con: the knob that allows you to unmount the sight is massive. It makes taking it on and off super simple and painless, which is nice, but it’s ugly and bulky most of the time. If aesthetics don’t bother you, though, feel free to ignore that.

The Aimpoint Pro comes with a spacer that gives you enough room for additional flip-up optics. With that said, though, you’ll have to upgrade the mount if you’re wanting to do any 1/3 co-witnessing, as the sight simply doesn’t really allow for that. All in all, though, the mount makes installation no problem at all, and taking it off to clean the weapon is every bit as easy. Also, thanks to the aforementioned ease of adjustment, zeroing the sight in after installation is easy too, usually only taking a few rounds before you’re all set.

I think the biggest negative for the Aimpoint is the warranty. The Aimpoint warranty is non-transferable, which is the first big mark against it. More than that, though, it only lasts 2 years under professional or competitive shooting and 10 years under personal use. It’s not a no-questions-asked warranty like some other companies such as Vortex offer, and they reserve the right in their warranty policy to basically determine for themselves whether or not something falls under warranty.

Now, I’m just the type of person who likes to be sure, and for me, this is a pretty big detractor. But, at the same time, there’s a super low chance you’re going to have any sort of problems with the Aimpoint Pro. Aimpoint is a well-known and respected brand for a reason: they make excellent products consistently. This one is no exception.


  • Great optical quality
  • Super durable and easy to set up and sight in
  • Included mount and built-in lens cover saves you headaches and upfront cost
  • Simple red dot and no gimmicks makes it easier to believe that your money is going toward quality
  • Always On with a super long battery life makes sure your weapon is ready to get up and go as soon as you are


  • Aimpoint warranty is, for lack of a better term, super lame
  • No support for 1/3 co-witnessing
  • Big knob for mounting and unmounting is unsightly


This is, for all intents and purposes, a budget sight. At the same time, though, there are budget sights for a lower budget. The question of whether or not you should buy this sight ultimately comes down to what you’re going to use it for. Are you just going to take it out every once in a while, go plinking in the backyard or target-shooting?

Then No, you should probably not buy it. On the other hand, if you’re a professional or you’re wanting to get into competitive shooting and need tactical-worthy precision and a long battery life at a pretty fair price, where you know you’re getting every dollar’s worth and then some, then Yes, you should buy it.

Closing Comments

Aimpoint is one of those companies that makes fans loyal customers. While looking over other people’s reviews to see their thoughts, I saw a lot of people who would buy a couple of these sights or who mentioned a pro of the sight as it being “an Aimpoint product”. I think there’s a little merit to this. The warranty is lame, yes, but the fact that the warranty is lame while the optics community – world-renowned megafans of a good warranty policy – hasn’t completely disowned Aimpoint says quite a lot about the sheer level of quality that you can really expect from this sight, and any other Aimpoint product for that matter.

I think, all in all, this is just what it sets out to be: a great and ultra-reliable no-frills red dot optic for people with the budget of the average hobbyist.

If you are still not quite sure, you can see how this red dot optic compares to other alternatives on the market. Check out the Aimpoint Pro vs Aimpoint Aco. There also is the Aimpoint pro vs Trijicon MRO.