Long-Shot Microlevel®

When are you ready for the Long-Shot Microlevel®?
When you are hot on the trail of a running dog you don’t have time to check a bubble.
When you are holding that 1000 yard shot and can’t take your concentration from the winning shot.
When the competition is tough and you want to be equipped to win.
When you are tired of double vision two eyed “hokey pokey” bubble levels.
When you want a cant detecting device that works with you not against you.

What you see through the scope
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The problem of rifle canting or tilting won’t go away. Now you can conquer the complex problem with a simple to use device. The Long-Shot Microlevel® is a precision electronic device that mounts on the ocular end of your scope.  There is nothing to obscure your normal sight picture. The Microlevel®indicates to the shooter in his peripheral vision when a True Vertical Position has been achieved. When the shooter’s hold is outside of the predetermined True Vertical Position, indicators on either side shows the shooter how to correct and get back on center quickly.  Only one indicator is lit at any one time. When the green light is on, you’re good to go.  It’s simple and reliable.

“Competition is a game of exact repetition.  The Microlevel® allows you to maintain the exact same hold position every time. It doesn’t distract the shooter and allows you to concentrate on the target. It is a joy to use.  It is much more precise than an anti-cant bubble.”
Robert Crocker; Three Time National Field Target champion.

“For small targets at long ranges it really makes the difference between a hit or a guess. Using it is much like riding a bicycle, hard to explain on paper but second nature once you get the hang of it.”
John Maxson; Varmint hunter and target shooter.

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